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5 essential travel skin care tips

November 23, 2020

Being on the road, your body and skin experience challenges regardless of what type of skin you have. You might recognize your skin being more dry as usual, itchy and easily irritated while traveling, especially during and after a flight. One big factor is the crazy-dry-recirculated air that can affect your skin, even on only 1-hour flights and not to mention the consequences of traveling for many hours and through different time and climate zones. The anti-inflammatory and especially skin calming benefits of CBD are making a relevant impact on your skin care travel routine. Also, the skin normalizing properties of CBD make it ideal for sensitive skin by minimizing issues related to skin sensitivity, such as skin redness. Therefore I talked to our skin care expert and figured out 5 essential tips when traveling:  

1. Proper cleansing before you start your trip.

When your skin isn’t clean, the dead skin cells accumulate on its surface, leading to more breakouts easily.

2. Apply CBD moisturizer before starting your trip and the days after.

This rich treatment can help your skin dealing with the stress of being on the road and in a different environment. 

3. Don’t ditch SPF.

Even on a plane! Up in the air, the air can often get very dry while up in the air unfortunately. Your smartest choice would be a face moisturizer with SPF.

4. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water for hydration from within and also carry a mist spray which will keep your skin refreshed throughout your trip.

5. Carry a face mask with you

Cream or sheet masks work great on long -distance flights or also after landing. Your skin will thank you!

Have a safe trip and don’t forget to take care of your skin!


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